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Aureum Botanica - GAJRA

Aureum Botanica - GAJRA


Like an ancient goddess,

She weaves jasmine in her hair.

“May you live abundantly,”

They whisper as she walks by

This incantation as sweet as a flower.

Sweet and spicy, GAJRA is named for the traditional Indian flower garland that brides use to decorate their hair. Exotic floral notes of white frangipani, creamy tuberose, and fresh jasmine petals create a velvety heart, while tropical pineapple and coconut lend sweetness. Resinous frankincense, sandalwood and turmeric ground the scent with the spice of an ancient land and its sacred traditions.


Aureum Botanica fragrances are composed entirely of natural ingredients and are free of synthetic aroma chemicals. They are carefully blended by hand in Los Angeles, California and made with only the finest raw materials.

All Natural - Eau de Parfum

1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

100% Natural. Not tested on animals. Phthalate and paraben free.

Ingredients: organic sugarcane alcohol, specialty blend of essential oils and natural essences, fractionated coconut oil

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