Slow Summer Days


Slow Summer Days

There’s nothing like a warm summer day spent barefoot and relaxed in your own bed. Sun-drenched white sheets. Warmth radiating from a clear windowpane. Linen curtains billowing as a balmy breeze moves through the house. Despite social engagements and longer nights, there is a certain slowness to summer that deserves celebration. We go on vacation. We lounge. We take a breath from the frenetic pace of our lives to turn our faces to the sun.

When most of us think of summer scents, we imagine fragrances that rely on energizing notes. An exhilarating burst of citrus. A bracing mist of sea salt. While these light, seaside scents are among some of our favorites, we’re turning our sights to richer, softer alternatives for slow summer days that melt into relaxed evenings.


JONQUILLE THÉ by Musc ét Madame

The smell of ripened apricots bring to mind a sexy summer rendez-vous. Jonquille Thé from Musc ét Madame balances the sweetness of apricot flesh with black tea and heady narcissus flower. It’s warm, deeply feminine, a little musky, and entirely mellow. 


SQUAD by Capsule Parfums

When your summer agenda consists of nothing but sipping a whiskey cocktail as the sun slips away. Taking in the sensory pleasures of the moment. Squad by Capsule Parfums smells of soft suede, a bite of black pepper, and the subtlest reminder of night-blooming jasmine.


JUNIPERUS by Fiele Fragrances

If summer is your time for rejuvenation, Juniperus from Fiele Fragrances is the perfect uplifting summer scent. Light and crisp, this fragrance centers around the energizing aroma of fresh juniper.  Green fir needles and a hint of creamy ylang ylang balance out the aromatic qualities of this clean woody fragrance. If you love the cool, bracing scent of the woods in winter, try this. This is how that forest smells on a breezy summer night. 


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Perfume Workshop

Join us at our Melrose studio to explore the art of perfume-making with head perfumer, Linda Sivrican. Nibble on brunch provided by Sqirl Los Angeles, sip on sparkling California wine, and experiment with precious raw materials and native California botanicals. Leave with your own fragrance creation inspired by the barefoot spirit of slow summer days.